HORD Token Private Sale Claim Guide

How to Claim Your Unlocked HORD Tokens

You will be able to claim your tokens via the Dao Maker platform distribution Smart Contract. Please take into consideration that claiming tokens will require paying network fees. Thus make sure to have some ETH in your wallet.

You can start claiming your HORD tokens on April 23rd at 10:00AM UTC.

  1. Head to this link
  2. Connect your whitelisted wallet via MetaMask (The address you supplied for receiving the HORD Tokens).
  3. After connecting your whitelisted wallet, a claim option will show up. If your wallet is not whitelisted, you will be denied.
  4. You can click claim and proceed with the transaction via MetaMask.
  5. After the transaction is done, tokens will arrive in your whitelisted wallet.

All of the HORD Sale will have the same unlock schedule:
30% Unlocks on the day of listing on April 23rd
An additional 10% will get unlocked every 30 days in a total of 7 tranches.

HORD Token will be listed for swaps on April 23 on kucoin.com, gate.io, Flybit.com, Uniswap.org

If you encounter any problem or have a question, contact the Hord team at hello@hord.app


Website: Hord.App
Twitter: twitter.com/HordApp
Telegram: t.me/hord_app
Announcements: t.me/hordnews
Github: github.com/hord



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