The deflationary token economy of Hord.App is built around the $HORD token. Here’s how it’s going to work in a nutshell:

There’s a number of mechanisms in place that drive the $HORD token economy. The first of which is based on hPools (the ETFs or “token baskets” that are central to the Hord App). Every hPool needs to hold at least 1% in $HORD token. …

Rewarding 300,000 HORD in 30 days

Pre-Mainnet Staking

We are very happy to deploy the final stage of our Pre-Mainnet Staking later this week!

The program rewards 600,000 HORD over 100 days and is deployed in several stages. The final stage before launch has now been reached and this time it will be deployed on Binance Smart Chain.

The first step to a blockchain-agnostic future

Hord.App is launching on Binance Smart Chain!

We have listened to our community and have decided to do something about the crippling gas fees on Ethereum. Hord is a platform that was always meant to democratize portfolio management and ETF investing for the masses. We want everyone to be able…

Audit Update + Orders on Testnet

Your host Bart is joined by Nikola, Miljan, Milan and Mohammed again this week to bring you an update on the progress of the app. Lots of interesting updates on the audit, the app and the progress. Thanks for tuning in again!


  • Certik has started the audit
  • Expected date…

Bart Rovers

Head of Marketing at Hord.App

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